Racing against time? Here’s your off-ramp.

Ssssh – Listen.
Let the hushed sounds of peace and serenity carry you back to the tranquil times of the 1800's. You are the Lord or Lady of the Manor and your estate beckons you.

Imagine it – Mountain views, rolling meadows and clean fresh air. Gone are the trappings of the workaday world. The jarring sounds of the city disappear to be replaced by the songs of birds, frogs and nature herself. Can’t you hear it now?

Feel it -- Serenehaven B&B caters to your body, your mind and your spirit. It starts with old-world country inn charm and then brings in the Earth’s natural healing energy through the ancient power of Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of arrangement and design of the living environment which brings peace, serenity, health, happiness and prosperity for it's occupants.

Only all natural fabrics, cleansers, and construction materials are used at this B&B. Even the bedding envelops you in pure untreated cotton and wool.

It’s there from the moment you arrive; a sense of calmness; a feeling of “aaah” that follows you throughout your day and tucks you lovingly into bed each night. Smell the air; feel the energy; marvel at the views. Let your spirit roam free.

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Serenehaven beckons you with all of this and more


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